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Bird Potection

NO Noise 

NO Mess

Increased Efficiency 

10 Years Installation Guarantee 

Here at DS Solar Maintenance we provide pigeon/pest proofing.

It is very common problem is that new or existing solar panels attract pests such as (Pigeons, squirrels, seagulls) they nest, lay eggs and live under panels- it is a massive shelter for them. Pigeons tent to make a lot of mess and noise, the same as seagulls which can be very frustrating and quite costly thing to get rid off.

There is a way to protect Solar panels by installing galvanized steel meshing around using specially made clamps to hold it in place.

We cover  Essex, London, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hertford, Suffolk, Norfolk, Colchester areas.

We have our
Own Access Equipment witch does NOT require expensive scaffolding!

Pest Cause Damage

Pigeons and seagulls love to sit and rest on roofs ,as solar panels has gained more and more popularity between households, it also increased hideout for these varmint like squirrels – they are kept warm and sheltered from all weathers. In a result his can cause damage to exterior and interior parts of your solar panels and ultimately damaging your investment.

Get Them Out

Decrease Efficiency

Once a group of pigeons has found and settled under your solar panels the side effects are irritating and costly.

Pigeons nesting in your solar panels can make scratching sounds, incessant noise and sleepless nights for you and family.
We at
DS Solar Maintenance can get them out quick and cost efficient. If you want to find out more please contact us >

Even in early stages Birds like Pigeons and Seagulls can quickly covers the surface of your solar panels, meaning a decrease in power and efficiency. Pigeon gropping are highly acidic if left over time can cause corrosion and structural cable damage. Also it is proven to carry lots of bacteria that can cause diseases. Something that you do Not want over your family roof! 

What we offer 


Our Approach 

Our technicians will inspect remove these pests and make sure that they no longer have access to your solar panels, ensuring that they will continue to work effectively with no interruptions. It is impossible that we would need to take panels off to fully removed all dirt under them. That will  leave your investment protected and safe for years. Find out more and get a quote >


Plastic Mesh

Upon Arrival 

We Remove

Bird Proof

Bird Blocker Systems

We Ensure

Pigeon proofing solar panels technicians will assess the situation and decide the best way in which to resolve the issue. Our technicians will ensure that all safety precautions will be in place before work commences.

Pigeons, Seagulls, Squirrels also nests and debris. Panels be taken off if needed to ensure all roof is debris free.

After all initial roof clean carried out, we will install one of ours meshing systems chosen by you. We will  Panel Proof your PV system to ensure that pigeons, squirrels and other vermin can no longer gain access.

That work carried out and roof looks flawlessly We also remove all pigeon debris and clean and decontaminate your roof and guttering to ensure that everything looks and works correctly.

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