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GUTTER cleaning service

Do not ignore it. Do it today! 


Gutter cleaning and beyond 

Blocked and overflowing gutters don’t just look bad, they can be the cause of serious damp issues. If left unresolved, wet rot, mould and even structural problems can result.

Regular gutter checks can prevent these problems before they even start. We have the tools to check your gutters, and unblock and clear them out when needed.

Gutters channel rainfall specially construct of the roof structure, outer skin and foundations of your property.

If the gutters are blocked it will slow the water flow rate down causing an overflow or dripping.  Even minor water escape has the potential to  cause costly damage to your house over time. Penetrating damp is a major contributor to damp inside your home.

Ds Solar Maintenance can help with domestic gutter cleaning service. We determent and to keep the risk of costly repair bills to a minimum by clearing gutters on your home.


Gutters are a vital component of your property- you need to look after them!


List of facts not to ignore 

Overflow Gutter can cause damp inside property by running down outer wall.
Standing water in the gutter can cause water damage to roof eaves.
Blocked Gutter prevents water draining away from your property causing impregnation of the ground, that can lead to damaging your footings or even foundation of your property.
The worst thing about damage caused by blocked gutters is that it may not be covered by insurance.
Insurance company may require to provide evidence of gutter maintenance jobs. Reed insurance advice >
Blocked Gutters becomes really heavy and drastically shortens life of components.
List of facts
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