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Roof cleaning service

We cover  Essex, London, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hertford, Suffolk, Norfolk, Colchester areas.

We have our
Own Access Equipment witch does NOT require expensive scaffolding!
At Ds Solar Maintenance  we also provide Roof cleaning services 

At Ds Solar Maintenance offer expert roof cleaning Sydney and de-mossing services to refresh the look of your roof and keep it protected.

Roof cleaning is a great, affordable way to restore pride to your weary looking home. Over time, your roof can become covered in lichen, moss, algae and dirt leaving your home looking sad and untidy. It may also conceal broken, leaking tiles – damaging the structure of your home.

With professional roof cleaning service in Colchester Essex, you can prolong the lifespan of your roof. We specialise in roof and gutter cleaning and our expert team will remove dirt, debris, moss and lichen.

Cleaning your roof should be a priority and it can be done as a preventative measure to protect your roof from unnecessary damage. We can provide you with a cost-effective roof cleaning service that will enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Importance Of Roof Cleaning

Our homes are constantly exposed to harsh elements such as pollution, road dust, wind and rain. The moisture that stays on the roof becomes a breeding ground for unwanted formations of mould, mildew, moss, algae and lichen. In time, cracks form on the surface, and leaks and missing tiles develop because of the unsupervised growth.

Moss can shorten the lifespan of your roof can occur as a result of roof leaks and water infiltration, or in areas where there are high humidity levels throughout most of the year. When moss settles on your roof, it may cause the roof tiles or slates to become porous. Over time, these penetrate into the roof, resulting in cracks.

A damaged roof often leads to damaged interiors, because the cracks can extend to the walls and the moisture can enter the insides of your house. Don’t forget that a roof is one of the most important parts of your home that also needs proper care and maintenance.

Roof cleaning is a great, affordable way to restore pride to your weary looking home. Property owners will find that they save more money when hiring a professional roof cleaner as compared to just letting their roof be at the mercy of the elements. Regular roof cleaning makes your roof look good and keeps it from falling into repair mode.


Soft Roof Wash

Pressure Washer



During the roof cleaning process we will also treat your roof with a steriliser and fungicide to ensure anything that is not blasted away with the pressure spray will be destroyed by the treatment. The steriliser and fungicide will also make sure the moss and lichen won’t return for years to come. The colour and the texture properties of the roof will not be changed.

While the roof is being cleaned, our experts at Ds Solar Maintenance will also identify any tiles likely to leak and repair or replace them as well as move chipped or other unsightly tiles to your gutter line leaving all the tiles on the visible parts of the roof looking great. We will also look for other places that may need repairing. Your roof may need some repairs such as repointing, ridge capping ect.

We will also clean your guttering. This can be necessary after the roof is cleaned because dirt, moss, algae and leaves will collect in the gutters after the job is done. We will also make sure that the wastewater will flow without any kind of interference. This helps your drains remain unclogged and free of waste.

Whether you are looking for preventative maintenance or thorough cleaning of your entire roof, our experienced team will give you the <best advice> and guaranteed workmanship. 

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